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Extra Wide Peel & Stick DIY Countertop Sticker - Turquoise and Black Granite

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Renovate your kitchen countertops, backsplash and old furnitures with granite / marble look. Super easy to install DIY. Quick and cheapest alternative to costly real marble / granite.

Material: PVC
Glue: Self Adhesive (removable)
Life: 3 to 5 years
Features: Oil Proof, Water Proof, Easy to Remove

Installation Videos: (Source: YouTube)


1) Clean counters with wipes and let it dry completely. Make sure that the surface is non porous, dust free, dry and smooth.
2) Cut to the size of you need. Leave some extra material over and underneath the edges.
3) Remove about 6 inches of backing paper and line it up at the edge / end of the counter. Make sure the material is pulled tight to avoid any creasing or wrinkles.
4) Use a soft cloth or rubber / plastic squeegee and smoothen this initial section first. Now keep removing the backing paper slowly and evenly and progressively keep smoothening down the film using cloth or squeegee. Make sure to push the air out.
5) If any air bubble larger than a dime coin ccurs, carefully peel off the film back and reapply. Always try to pull the material back, along the surface of the counter.

1) If the material stretches, warm it up with a hair-dryer.
2) Should the air bubbles form, prick them with a pin and flatten it out.
3) And if the film has been applied incorrectly, carefully remove it without stretching and reapply.
4) Pull the material and apply super glue underneath the edges, if required to hold it tightly.